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OCCACC Committee Job Description- 2014

Membership Committee
  1. Design benefits and activities (coordinated with event committee) that attract potential new members and help maintain the existing memberships. Have the new member fill out the membership application form, and all the forms should be centralized and kept in a separate folder to pass down and to be used as reference for each member’s expertise.
  2. Follow up with annual members for renewal.
  3. Follow up with each board director for the two new members they should help bring in.
  4. Collect all membership fees and send to Treasurer.
  5. Constantly maintain the membership spread sheet to make sure all the data is current.
  6. Correspond to members to get their opinions or suggestions or complaints.
  7. Calling members before event to help increase the attendance.
  8. Work with Treasurer and collect admission fees at event door.
  9. Prepare sign in sheet/form for each event to follow up for potential new members.
Event Committee
  1. Responsible for the planning of all events held by OCCACC.
  2. The fixed events are Installation (in February) and Scholarship (in June) banquets, as well as Taiwan Heritage Week/Month (in May) and Red/White Karaoke Contest (in November).
  3. In between we need monthly event- in the past we have seminars, mixers, trips/outings and summer BBQ.
  4. Create the event flyer one month before the event.
  5. Send the event flyer through email to current and past members.
  6. Decorate and prepare the event location, such as banner and flowers.
  7. Arrange what we may need on the event day, such as snacks and drinks, game and entertainment, microphone and podium, projector and screen …etc.
Scholarship Committee
  1. Decide the direction and criterion for the scholarship award.
  2. Solicit sponsors; i.e. fund-raising for our scholarship program.
  3. Find the right students to help.
  4. According to the budget, Process the applications and select the final scholarship recipients.
  5. Help establish formally the OCCACC Scholarship Foundation.
PR (Public Relations)
  1. Building public relationships with local communities to promote the name and recognition of OCCACC
  2. Solicit sponsors (such as advertisement sales) and donations to support each and every event of ours including scholarship program.
  3. For our big event, work with event committee and help arrange and bring in booth sales and advertisement sales.
  4. Invite our affiliates (友會), community leaders, government officials and VIPs to come to our events.
  5. Responsible for the press release before the big events including but not limited to newspapers and TV stations.
  6. Draft the news article (新聞稿) for the press and media.
  7. Call and notify the press/media and make sure they come to report our event on the event day.
Travel Committee
  1. Plan, compare and select possible sites for our trip- in April or May.
  2. Arrange trip itinerary and negotiate final charges.
  3. Promote the trip to our members and their family and friends in order to sign up enough people to make the trip possible.
  4. Design activities to do during the trip to make the trip memorable.
Photo Committee
  1. Taking pictures (photos) in every event/mixer.
  2. Write up the description of the photos and forward to the website committee.
  3. Forward some selective photos to the PR committee for the use to develop relationship.
Website committee
  1. Constantly update our website.
  2. Keep good communication with all the committee chairs to ensure news flow in to update our website.
Bylaws Committee
  1. Amend Bylaws as needed according to the history and the spirit of OCCACC.
  2. Interpret Bylaws when questions raised.
  3. Make sure nothing we do is against our Bylaws.
  4. Help establish the Bylaws for OCCACC Scholarship Foundation.

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