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Purpose of Orange County Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce

This corporation is a non-profit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any individual. It is organized under the California non-profit public benefit corporation law.

  1. Develop Chinese-American commerce in Orange County by providing economic programs designed to assist in business management, business operation and trade potential.
  2. Unite Chinese-Americans to achieve better understanding of the business opportunities in Orange County.
  3. Provide social activities to eliminate the language, culture, and national origin barriers and handicaps.
  4. Establish public relations with the American business communities and political parties, both locally and nationwide.
  5. Discover and correct political oppression or suppression, business abuse, racial discrimination which prevent the healthy growth of Orange County Chinese-American business and commerce.
  6. This Chamber shall not involve in any Chinese or Chinese-American political party(ies). This Chamber shall maintain political neutrality, and should not participate, interfere, or sponsor any Chinese political party(ies) or activities.

Reach us at:

4605 Barranca Pkwy #101-J Irvine Ca 92604
Tel: (310) 882-1668